Thursday, May 6, 2010

iron MAN

12.50 am - IRON MAN,
BEST !! 4 stars :))
que siap boleh tido lagi :DD dia tak ckup tido tu :)
smlm pergi dgn que,addi and ceok TERUNA lah sgt :DD
if nak tau lebih lanjut pasal cerita ni, you must go and see :) its was a great movie and enjoy :)
first, i ingt kan NATALIE yg baru kerja dgn dia tu jahat. but i was wrong. she was helping iron man and taking care of iron man which is going to be dead ! haha with her agency help, iron man can figure out how to make new things :) then he SAFE ! HEHE
his eyes was so beautiful and i was admired his eyes ! ohhh IRON MAN'S EYES ! hahaha

he was so funny and relax :) hehe i like him :)haha !
ge and see this movie, i guarantee you'll be ENJOYED ! haha

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