Monday, February 22, 2010

presentation - project one


inspired by : crystal ( my fav <3)
: bone
: stone

this morning,900 am
presentation day ! of course semua org takut kan ! haha ! tadi okay sebab kitorg tak payah present ! haa hebatkann :DD
puan yan - our lecturer ask us to pin up drawing kat dinding and we all follow it
930 she ask us to go for breakfast sambil tu dia nak cek drawing ! haha agak akut ekk
then 1030 naik atas she just began amek marks ! haha kitorg ingt dia dah marks rupa rupanya baru nak marks haha
then dah tghri 12 pm ++ baru sudah semua
dia cakap dia PUAS HATI ! alhamdulillah ! haa takut jugak nnt dia bg marks sikit gila mampos lahh ! ahah
en ejat pon cakap kami dalam keadaan selamat so ! bersyukur lah kawan kawan !
thanks for them !
after this - betolkan ape yg patot dibetolkan dan his thursday SUBMITION !!


important day !!

23 feb 2010 - bapak's birthday
27 feb 2010 - ibu's birthday

25 feb till 27 feb - site MELAKA

acctually, this week bercadang nak balik terengganu for my parents birthday ! but i can't !
i have to cancel all my PLAN ! shit shit !

sorry ibu dan bapak ! no matter what happen,


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

for YOUU

sudah sekian lama blog ini tidak ku nengok ! HA HA =)
well, da tak tahu nk ckp ape ann boring kott eheh
okay first story is about "

nur rahman bin ab rahim :)

kitorang couple from 16 july 2007 until 2 february 2010
yup yup kitorang BREAKKK !

the reason is : hanya yang berkenaan je tau and yang berkenaan tu i hope its gonna be a secret ! PLEASEE !

pas few days i miss him so muchh
but, now i accept it with all my heart !
you know what he was the nice person that i ever had ! memang sgt rugi lepaskan dia
but i think not good for my future

setiap hari teringat ! and every night teringat HIM !
mane tak nya everyday jumpa ! and tiba tiba stop.

he was the best boyfriend i ever had
he will do anything for me
i said
no matter what is it !
but a good person also have a bad attitude right ?
so he got one !
dammn :(

when i was sad,he was there for me
when i feel like i want somebody to near me,HE WAS NEAR TO ME !
when i was happy,he will make me happier
when i was angry,he will cool down mine
when i felt like im in needed he will came as fast as he can !

and now ! i miss him so much :'(
please make me forgot about him
because its make me feel a lot of painn !!

nur rahman : YOU,im sorry for the wrong doings,forgive me whatever the mistake
halalkan all the money that you gave
also the belanja thingy !
im sorryfor EVERYTHINGGSSS ! please !
take a good care pal.

loved ,