Saturday, May 8, 2010

happy MOM'S day ! :DD

to all mother's in the whole world, i wish you happy mom's day ! yeayy ! :)

to my mom,i love you so much ! with all my heart till the end of me, till me a live,till i breathing i always love you mom !
you always been patient to me, i always make you into trouble,i always make you feel bad,
i'm sorry mom!
for all this years, you grown me with all the patient, THANK YOU !!!
it can't be pay by money, it cannot be drawn by pencil
how much you teach me,how much you be strong to grown your seventh children that own by you
you make my life beautiful with the love you gave to us,
and i be always kept in my heart and i also never thrown it away !!
you were the ROCK-EST mom ever for me ! yaeyhh
have a good take care of yourself
and be strong for all work you've done
i ' ll always pray for your happiness for you mom !
I LOVE YOU dear mother ! and i always do !

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