Thursday, May 6, 2010

im being SINGLE

It's about 3 month and a half,I'm being SOLO !
kadang kadang tu teringat sangat la kann :) tapi what can i do :) TAKPELAH, no hal pon SINGLE ni :)
tapi bila kita tgk org sedang bahagia bercinta macam nak je.tapi tulah, bila ade tak nak pulak. S o biar okay mcm nih ahahaNot every single ladies is sad,lonely and desperate. In fact, it could more far HAPPIER than couple, married people or whatsoever. am i right ? :))I admit that, when my first time i broke off with him, it was like hmmmmmmm ~ so frustrated and also like a girl who doesn't know what to do with herself. bullSHIT !!!! but, with the supportive from my beloved friends, i enjoyed it ! yeayhhh " you rockk GIRLS " !! mcm budak bwh nih ! HAHA rock lah sgt !!! :DDwe, i mean GIRLS, may also live a long and far away happier like i said just now BETTER ! I REALLY LIKE IT YOU KNOW ! ;DD
single is NICE ! hehe
few of my friends who already have a boyfriend which is they are happily together and i was like sometimes just ENVY them so much ! but i said to myself that " IT'S OKAY BEING SINGLE ! IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU A LOSER" !!!
yeahhhhhh ! HAHAi mean, it's doesn't say 'NO' to get involved in LOVES THINGY ! hehe bcoz i used to before haha at least, i can learn about being me not being me to somebody else ! did you get that haha !
maybe it's time for me change and be more INDEPENDENT ! don't you let yourself depends on somebody else ! hee :D GREAT !
i have friends WHO always help me a lot !
THANKS DEAR FRIENDS ! i love you babes :))

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