Monday, October 5, 2009

satisfied me babeeh !

a dream

1. Mercedes SLK black in color
2. i Phone for my mom and dad
3. Nikon D 5000 for my siblings each
4. a house which is full with exotics painting
5. Sony apple laptop also for my siblings each
6. each car for my siblings whatever they want
7. a good college for me

and also
8. a Myvi with white in color for me :)
9. Nikon D90 for me :)
10. a good hand phone which is Nokia

i wish i have a lot of money to buy all af this for them and also for me !! hehe :DD
in my dreamS! :p
i must work hard for all of this right ?
mwahmwahh !! :*

1 comment:

  1. haHaha...pOyo laR kaW...bLanje aRe aku cKali kLaw daH kaYe nTy..paLinG x pN BMW sBejik keR....Hik5x..
    sMoGe iMpiaN jDy knyaTaaN yeP...:);)